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Rebecca GallanterAMSL1010212022013Cultural PaperThroughout this semester the assignment that I have always had in the front of my mind has been the paper on the culture event that I would attend I wondered which event I would go to and wondered how that event would go So on November 11 2013 I got into my car and drove to the Panera in Montclair where I would get to meet some members of the Deaf Community On my way there I felt myself getting nervous I was worried I would come off as unintelligent to the people I was about to meet I worried that I would embarrass myself by using the wrong sign for a particular word or forget a sign all together As I parked my car I took a deep breath and walked up to the door It was about 830 when I got there and I looked around to find where the event was being held I saw a group of people sitting on
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