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Lecture 17

CMDA 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Branded Content, Product Placement, Native Advertising

Communication and Media Arts
Course Code
CMDA 110
Joel Penney

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The expansion of Advertising to new platforms
To get around ‘ad clutter’ and audience skipping and blocking, advertisers have returned to
Product placement/ integration
Branded content/ native advertising
Companies are writing their own article that ties into the theme of
their brand
Adopts the style of the website (the native style of the website)
--makes it sneaky because it look slike an article, but is actually an ad
Word-of-mouth strategies
Viral web videos
Outdoor/ out-of-home
Guerrilla ads
“Little warriors”
Advertising by surprise, showing up where they are not expected and
then makes you pay more attention to it
Use public space in new and unusual ways
Branding in Advertising
Brand names began in the late 1800s to help consumers differentiate between identical
Ex Soap
By 1950s, advertising shifted to brand image strategy: selling a positive cultural value ir image
more than product (AKA association principle)
EX Nike “Just Do It” Campaign
Spending on Advertising
Ad pending in US elections (TV, online, etc) has been increasing rapidly
$$ spent doubled from 2008 to 2012
Due to Citizens United case
Most are negative attack ads
Sources of ad spending
Campaign organizations
“527” groups advertise on behalf of candidates, but not allowed to coordinate with
The “Citizens United” Decision
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