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Lecture 18

CMDA 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Crisis Management, Political Communication, Sony Bmg

Communication and Media Arts
Course Code
CMDA 110
Joel Penney

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Types of services offered by PR agencies
Publicity and promotion
Media relations
Having good relationship with reporters to get a favorable article
Staging pseudo-events to attract attention (press conferences, photo ops)
I.e. Steve Jobs and how he revealed the new products in front of many people
I.e. photo ops--ribbon cutting ceremonies, red carpets for award shows/ movie
Crisis management- restoring positive public image in response to negative publicity
Lobbying (government relations)
Political communication
Media relations
PR professional work to influence news coverage about their clients with press releases
Up to 90% of news stories rely on information provided by press releases
Many news stories are inspired by press releases, and some are simply printed verbatim-raises
concerns about journalistic ethics
PR’s foundation
Institutional openness
Provide accurate info to journalists, particularly in a crisis
Finding upbeat angles
Draw press attention to good deeds
AKA “enlightened self-interest”
Giving organizations a face
EX: Lee advised Rockefeller to meet with his workers after deadly labor dispute,
showing his human side
***PR major part of test 3
Popular Music and the Recording Industry
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