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Class Notes for PSYC 365 at Montclair State University (MSU)

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MSUPSYC 365Dr. LoweSpring

PSYC 365 Lecture 2: History of Abnormal Psychology

OC11431243 Page
22 Feb 2019
Ex: hippocrates & the four humors( yellow bile, black bile, blood, phlegm) Greek & roman times: 500 bc - 500 ad. *disease is not the result of evil spi
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MSUPSYC 365Dr. LoweSpring

PSYC 365 Lecture 1: Introduction & Abnormality

OC11431242 Page
22 Feb 2019
Deviance behaviors, thoughts or emotions that are difference from societal norms (ideas and expectations about proper functioning and conduct. *just be
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