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Lecture 2

GEOL 1030 Lecture 2: GeologyWeek2: 1/23/17

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GEOL 1030
Hiett, M.

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Geology Notes Week 2: Mineral: Naturally occurring, inorganic solid, ordered internal molecular structure, definite chemical composition. - Au: Gold - Ag: Silver - CaCO3: Calcite Rock: Solid aggregate of minerals. Elements: Building blocks of minerals; less than 100 are known (92 occurring). Atoms: Smallest particle of matter, retain all characteristics of an element. How atoms are constructed.. Nucleus: center region of an atom. Consists of protons (+), and neutrons (-). Energy levels/shells: surround nucleus, contain electrons (-). Atomic number: number of protons in an atom’s nucleus. Bonding of atoms: form a compound with two or more elements; ions are atoms that gain/lose electrons (Isotopes have varying number of neutrons). Minerals... Physical properties: - Luster: appearance in reflected light. - Either metallic, or nonmetallic (sometimes submetallic). Do not associate with shiny. - Color: generally unreliable for identification. - Exotic colorations of certain minerals produce gemstones. - Streak: Color of mineral in powdered form. - Put to the Test: Color of the element may differ from the streak/powder left behind on a unglazed porcelain plate (only approx. 20% have unique color). -
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