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Lecture 1

MUS 1030 Lecture 1: Elements of Music-Sound

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MUS 1030
M Moeller

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There are several factors that make up sound.
Concinnity: harmony or elegance of design, deep interaction of the elements, and non-subjective
standard for judging art
*The higher the interaction (concinnity), the greater the work of art.*
Timbre: Tone Color
Musical Instruments:
1. aerophones use air to produce sound
2. chordophones use stretched strings to produce sound
3. idiophones produce sound from their own substance
4. membranophones use tightly stretched skins to produce sound
Types of Voices:
1. Soprano = high female
2. Mezzo soprano = medium female
3. Alto = low female
4. Tenor = high male
5. Baritone = medium male
6. Bass = low male
Sound can also have…
Texture: Density
Monophic: Melody alone
Example: Chant-Puer Natus Est
Homophonic: Melody with accompaniment
Example: Monteverdi - Savall
Polyphonic: 2 or more melodic lines
Of equal importance
Often imitative
Example: Bach: Fugue in G Minor
1. Pianissimo-very soft
2. Piano-soft
3. Mezzo Piano-moderately soft
4. Mezzo Forte-moderately loud
5. Forte-loud
6. Fortissimo-very loud
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