AGR 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Reining, Canter And Gallop, Ambling Gait

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11 Mar 2017
Equine Disciplines
-Dessage: Feh te fo taiig, highest epessio of hose taiig
-classic, elegant, formal attire (black and white), English
-basis for most other disciplines (as a training method)
-Hunt Seat: second classic form of English riding, based on fox hunting
-under saddle-horse is being judged (level topline, long and flat strided)
-euitatio: judges the ide’s fo ad ailit, ides wea lassi dess with a few olos
-Over fences: hunter over fences: judged on performance, soundness, suitability, conformation
-jumper: attempt and clear obstacles in allotted time
-jumping records: (Puissance) number of fences decreases and height increases each round
-riders must jump a clear round (not knock anything down) until only one
rider and horse remains
-wold eod is ’- /4  i the 4s
-Saddleseat: English, horses show animation
-smooth but flashy gaits, 3 and 5 gaited classes
-Tennessee Walking Horses: running walk, calm disposition, sure footed, smooth gait
-plantation Walking Horse are not as exaggerated
-Big Lick: exaggerated movements, use heavy shoes (controversial)
-Weste Pleasue: aes ad suitailit, pleasue to ide
-American Saddlebred can show in Western pleasure, 3 gaited, slower pace
-Reining: based on working cattle, lope/gallop (no trotting), spins, lope circles, sliding stops, rollbacks,
lead changes
-willfully guided, based on score of 75, get positive and negative points for each movement
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find more resources at
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