AGR 331 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Ovulation, Pyometra, Papilloma

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Published on 17 Aug 2016
Saddle Thrombus
The artery is actually an aorta
A blood clot will form right before the branching off of the aorta and the
blood flow will be blocked
Commonly seen in older cats and is life-threatening
This has around a 50% mortality rate after treatment with medication
Valves of the Heart
Left AV valve - mitral valve
Right AV valve - tricuspid valve
Aortic valve
Pulmonic valve
All of these valves create a vacuum in the heart
Auscultate the chest - entire lung field, if there are no obstructions then
you should not hear any air breathed in
Dorsally and laterally
9 quadrants
Abnormal sounds: crackling from a cold, pneumonia - leather
rubbing together
Note the pattern, rate, depth, and the effort taken to breathe
This is all done best when the patient's’ mouth is closed
Respiration is a passive mechanism
The chest is a vacuum and if that vacuum is broken/punctured air will rush
out and the animal cannot breathe - also called pneumothorax - treatment
is to put a chest tube in to remove the air and fix the vacuum
Abdomen and Perineum
Start with a very thin animal (kitten) to get used to the structures
The 13th rib covers most of the liver so you have to push up under
that rib to palpate the liver
The uterus will set right over the bladder when standing in normal
Reproductive and Urinary
Check if neutered
Look for size
find more resources at
find more resources at
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