BIO 181 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: P53, Asexual Reproduction, Chromosome

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For chapter 13 section 4 only read the rst section, the negative regulation of cell division section and the last section. List the phases of the eukaryotic cell cycle and compare the changes that occur in each phase. Describe the role of cyclin dependent kinases and cyclins in the cell cycle. 1 parent cell becomes 2 daughter cells. Nuclei is the rst to divide in the cell: meiosis sperm and eggs, mitosis all other cells. Regulation: proteins and enzymes = tra c lights. Protein modi cations: e. g. phosphorylation can do both ( get you one who can do both ) How do proteins and enzymes regulate processes: allow processes and events, don"t allow processes and events. A major process/event in the cell is cell division(aka cell cycle or mitosis) Asexual reproduction(single cellular eukaryotes) ex yeast and algae. When cell cycle goes wrong: cancer. G1 checkpoint: good size, su cient nutrients, no dna damage(rb and p53)