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Lecture 7

HA 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Quality Circle, Menotropin, Quality Control

Hospitality Administration
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HA 210

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HA210 Chapter 7 Notes
Understanding Quality Management
Components of quality
a. The basic product: Guest Rooms (Exhibits 7-2 & 7-3)
i. Guests expect a good night’s sleep
ii. High standards must be set and maintained for bedding, cleanliness,
temperature, darkness, and noise
b. The process how every job is done
i. Jobs are done by people, management is the art and science of getting
work done through other people
ii. Hire the most qualified employees that you can find
iii. Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
iv. Train employees in the right procedures and techniques
v. Empower employees to make decisions and resolve issues independently
(Exhibit 7-6)
vi. Involve employees in soliciting ideas for improvement
c. The people how every employee is treated and treats others
i. Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen
ii. Quality management is an attitude that has every employee acting like
concierge and thinking like a manager
d. The results what is achieved at every level
i. Have metrics in place to measure every result
ii. Have right equipment and people in place to get the results
iii. Have incentives in place to reward reaching results
What Is Satisfaction?
Satisfaction flows from the relationship between expectation and reality
a. If reality = expectations then “Satisfied”
i. McDonalds/Holiday Inn is standardized, so we know what to expect and
we always get it
b. If reality < expectations then “Dissatisfied”
ii. The only photo on the website shows a room with an ocean view, but my
room faces the city dump
c. If reality > expectations then “Trilled”
iii. American guest was expecting a lousy hotel in an under-developed
country like India, but the room and service were better than many hotels
she had stayed at in the USA!
Benefits of delivering higher quality than expected
a. Commands higher prices
b. Increases market share
c. Improves brand-loyalty
d. Reduced appeal of competitors’ promotions and deals
e. Makes customer your salesperson
Job of management is to
a. Address “expectations” through honest advertising that “under-sells”
b. Address “reality” through selection, training, empowerment of employees; high
standards leading to “over-delivery”
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