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Lecture 1

MUS 365 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Quadrilateral, Antonio Gramsci

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MUS 365
Benjamin Ordaz

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Part 2
Country Music Performances
o Music and Time
Music is ephemeral it lives and moves in time.
Music is not fixed to any single point in time
Ex. Country Music is performed live, recorded, and can live on in
o Live Performance
A live performance is a performance that is created and lives in the
All Country Music, even music that is recorded or music that is retained in
memory, is some version of a live performance.
o Recordings
We will experience Country Music exclusively through recordings.
Recordings are frozen snapshots of sound moving through time.
This means that we always need to remember that a commercial-issued
recording is fixed and unchanging.
Recordings are frequently studio assemblages of various live
performances, form one-take complete performances like those found in
early Country recordings to multiple edits or overdubs in contemporary
Replacing sections of a performance, adding a single instrumental line, or
even fixing a single out-of-tune pitch of a sung melody has become
o Memory
Memory of a particular musical performance or recording can never be
separated from the actual performance or recording in the mind of the
We continually reanimate the past in the present and cannot escape our
own participation in the recall of past events, even music (Collingwood &
o Music and Perception
Add perception of music into the mix and things become further
From 19th century philosophers to late 20th century Franco Americal
Deconstructionists, there have been some remarkable points argued
concerning perception that can be applied to music that run counter to
most people’s assumptions.
Ex. Involves the reversal of cause and effect
It is argued that the cause of pain is actually reversed in our perception of
the circumstance, so that pain is the ‘cause’ of the pin prick (Nietzche).
The (cause) pin prick to the (effect) pain is reversed by our perception of
events to pain (cause) to pin prick (effect).
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