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Lecture 21

CE 332 Lecture 21: Class Lecture Notes

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North Carolina State University
Civil Engineering
CE 332

Lecture 1: super Nix Des Nix Names ilmorone, by nominal name size U Maximum size s one size bigger Control points are given for nominals we Some states have. rerhiche, zones Homework, A2 Discussion G uestion 3 -Tut contou points for g 5mm on o us power chart voould at 12. For 9.Sm SS L Maximum clunstty line Se only 2. egates Question S Based on gro clations, find initial content cl fncl me best one, out of me. Question 4 Three Types of Speuf C Gravities Bulla Speu Grav be fo Appart chve Specific Grau (estimated Homework A3 Discussion Questions on test wili be along the i of huis home Air void cowdent design for Ints Le trio io Crite una to Considcr 1) Aur voids (VA) a) Voids in, m aggregate (VMA 3) Voids fited orth asphalt (VFA) -Note: No matter nou weil you compact u ifm rotier will ampo ct the casplnath concrete will cause reductio n air uoids If no air voids bleeding will occur Tire, tra cu marius incl cake. asphalt is 002 out of oncrete hydro planing suiclding of cur on pa veve If you have too ma air Joids ,uoater will get into concrete the Voids Mineral A state Total space ina compacted can be filled with something VFA AC Causes a to mure apart Increases total Space Pruse Diagram Vmb total volume Va Asphalt VMA MA
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