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Lecture 4

GN 301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Base Pair, Start Codon, Methionine

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GN 301
Marian- Elizabeth B.Gardner

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1.4 Central Dogma
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
10:14 AM
o tRNA
o MRNA>> Protein
Protein thought to be original genetic material
Had more variety and seemed like it had more functionality
Gregor Mendel
o 1866
o Know discrete particles were transferred from gen. to gen.
o Law of Random Segregation
Alleles segregate randomly at fert. Into gametes
o Law of Ind Assort
Different trait have equal opp. To occur together
Friedrich Miescher
o 1869
o First isolated DNA from WBC (called it nuclein)
From bandages
Boveri and Sutton
o 1902
o Chromosome theory of inheritance: genes are on chr.
Observed chr. in meiosis
Observed chr. migration corresponded with the behavior of Mendel's genes
Avery, McCarty, MacLeod
o Proved DNA is gen. material in 1944 paper
Bacteria and mouse experiment
Rough vs Smooth bacteria could give pneumonia or not
Nitrogenous Base
o Purines: A, G double ring
o Pyrimidines: C, T single ring
o Nucleotides: sugar, base, phosphate
Edwin Chargaff
o 1951
o Determined that all species had equal amounts of guanine as cytosine
Same with adenine and thymine
But amounts vary from person to person
X-Ray Diffraction Study by Wilkins and Franklin
o Helical: 2 nm diameter
Regularities: .34 nm and 3.4 nm
o Looked at the double helix
Watson, Crick, Wilkins given peace prize for determining structure of DNA
o They strung together nucleotide base
Too skinny
Went in and out
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