PHI 205 Lecture 21: Comparison of Hegel’s Reason in History with DuBois’ Spiritual Strivings

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11 Apr 2017
Comparison of Hegel’s Reason in History with DuBois’ Spiritual Strivings
Was in generation following Kant
German idealist
How do you get your sense of time? Of “before and after?”
oKant believed it’s similar to the concept of his arithmetic examples
You have some sort of experience which gives you the framework for time
Time is understood by thinking and reflecting on experiences
You have to construct the idea of temporal passage by reflecting on the
form that our experiences have
There are things in the world that don’t need experiences to be understood
i.e., time
However, if you don’t think of time as something that’s just sort of out
there that we discover and rather understand it as something that’s
dependent on your mind and experiences, then time, like arithmetic, has to
do with faculties of reason
In that case, then there needs to be some sort of reason or rationale for the
things that happen throughout the history of time
“It is indeed this desire for rational insight, for cognition, and not
merely for a collection of various facts, which ought to be
presupposed as a subjective aspiration in the study of the sciences.
[One] ought to have the firm and invincible faith that there is
reason in history and to believe that the world of intelligence and
self-conscious willing is not abandoned to mere chance, but must
manifest itself in the light of the rational idea.” - Hegel
“The question of how Reason is determined in itself and what its relation is to the world
coincides with the question, ‘What is the ultimate purpose of the world?’” - Hegel
“But in contemplating history as the slaughter-bench at which the happiness of peoples,
the wisdom states, and the virtues of individuals have been sacrificed, a question
necessarily arises: To what principle, to what final purpose, have these monstrous
sacrifices been offered? From here one usually proceeds to the starting point of our
investigation: the events which make up this picture of gloomy emotion and thoughtful
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