ENGL 40761 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Social Experiment, Haile Selassie, Slide Guitar

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7 May 2017
3/28 Smith Anthology
Forms of Visionary Collage
Artists who were’t really faous i their lifeties but they were catalysts and affected
the people around them
o Shaman like figures
o Social experiment as much as art experiment
o Performative figures that do’t fit in category of literary or art museum
They pushed people to create based on this notion
Anthology Movie
o The blues Smith collected was modernist
o Emphasis on not revealing whether the artist was white or black
where rock n roll comes from a blending of white and black music
o the sense of the uncanny, people dealing with the unknowable is felt throughout
the entire anthology
o this was supposed to remind people of their childhood or parents childhood
the music carried age and time preserved
form of American History
Phonograph- sound writing
Music captured everywhere even prison
o Parchman Farm (Mississippi)
o anthology brought certain musicians back to the attention of America
o folk music had an authenticity that caused people to flock to it
o most of the world music was recorded in the field in port cities
port cities because of the accessibility and that is where the music
Noise Uprising by Michael Denning
most popular music in the twenties was Hawaiian slack guitar
music and that is where the blues slide guitar comes from
this music had revolutionary, anti-colonial content to it in the
Oh Death Where is Thy Sting
o Lining hymns- leader chants phrase from Bible and choir responds with phrase
Believed to be a form of early Christian singing in America
o Secular to Gospel singing crossover occurs often
I Woke Up One Morning in May
o Cajun song
o French is a part of America that is often forgotten
John the Revelator
o Racial crossover in south was easy to make
Carter Family crossed over with a lot of gospel and blues singers
o Bible amalgamation
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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