ENGL 40761 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: David Antin, Promiscuity, The Talented Tenth

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Published on 7 May 2017
++Stein 2
annotated bibliography due 2/28
o five essays or book chapters that will support your argument
o 2-3 sentences as to how it will help you
o paragraph with thesis and arguments that will support thesis
how is it similar to “objects” and the portraits?
o sentences are declarative
o repetition
o Melanctha is very now and present (characteristic of Stein)
o lack of resolution
Is a resolution necessary?
David Antin
o Couldn’t see why Pound or Eliot were modern because Stein was the only one
interested in language and what it could do
o Tried to see how story and narrative related to one another
Said a story is something that happens (i.e. newspaper), narrative is
something different because it involves understanding a character has
desires and must undergo transformation (need motivations, desire, how
character changes in relation)
Is Melanctha a narrative?
o Other characters transform around her
She serves as a catalyst for others to change (Jeff & Rose)
Stein redefines writing and literary terms
o Defamiliarize everything
How does repetition function?
o Restate key ideas
Melanctha’s father and how he is angry, brutish, and very black.
o Like epic epithet?
Ironic to the character
Repetition of characterizes includes something different so that it stands
out; sets up expectations of the character but then new features come in
o Helps reinforce unchanging nature
Subtle shifts do occur in repetition
Characters become somewhat self-aware
o As you read this and see what happens to characters (especially Jeff) is there
something about this constant repetition about how they are and see things--is
there something more real about how they experience relationships than normal
Possibly inorganic
When you meet someone you tend to have ideas about the person
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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