ENGL 40761 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Laurie Anderson, Marcel Duchamp, William S. Burroughs

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7 May 2017
4/26/2017- Laurie Anderson
Anderson Audio Clip from 2003: poets
o Anne Carson- Autobiography of Red
o Ginsberg
o Stein and Dylan
e lie to repeat
Anderson and Collage (Home of the Brave)
o Performance collage: dancing, movie, poetry reading, etc (Gesamtkunstwerk [Wagner]-
the artwork that includes everything)
o Mask/ altered voice= filter, gender ambiguity
A cross between an insurance salesman and Richard Nixon
William Burroughs
o Crossing genders & mixing humanity with machinery
Is moving away from gender binary a step towards human machine binary?
Removal of gender (unisex/ gender neutral) vs flipping of gender
Blur the idea of gender: there is not much space between 0 and 1
o Where does life end and art begin?
Marcel Duchamp- urinal art piece
John Cage- all sound is music
We must understand the aesthetic qualities of our own experiences
o Sound story
How to use an instrument, perverting the idea of how to play an instrument
Rubber guitar
Knife + fork= consuming music, necessity of music in life
Everything is music
Objects symbols characters: what is a word? Pictographic language,
choreographic language
Visuals match rhythm
o Language of Love
Adam and Eve twist
o Labcoat Performance
A parody, careful mockery
Whatever performance, people find meaning in meaninglessness
Experimentation, demonstrate creativity despite intense musical background
o Language is a virus
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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