ENGL 40761 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Bruce Conner, Cab Calloway, Toni Basil

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Published on 7 May 2017
Bob Dylan (1)
Class Notes
“Subterranean Homesick Blues”
- First “lyric video.”
- History of music videos includes incorporation of visual, audio, lingual and temporal
- Prior to lyric video -- silent films, editing/cuts, inter-titles (convey elements of plot).
o Cab Calloway, Fleischer brothers first music video; animation, rotoscoping
- Bob Dylan first lyric video (“star power”).
- Karaoke and MTV (1980’s).
- Youtube plethora of unofficial music videos (contemporary).
- Bruce Conner “Breakaway” (1963) – music video with Toni Basil.
- “Concert videos” – contemporary pop artists; incorporate artist identity with music.
Summer of Love (1967)
- Exhibition San Francisco.
- Bruce Conner; Wes Wilson; Paul Foster art.
- “Acid Test.
- Psychedelic drug imitation.
- Designers integrated patterns from different countries into clothing.
- Poster Display; process of poster printing.
Dylan and Folk Culture
- Basement tapes (1967) creation prompted by motorcycle accident that ended a
scheduled tour.
- “Big Pink” (House in Woodstock, NY) folk music; not intended to be published;
inspired by American Anthology of Folk Music.
- Beginning of “bootleg industry.
- Unfinished tapes from summer recently released to group of artists to be finished;
“Lost on the River” – communal, but individual (appealing).
Dylan as a “Collage” Artist
- Folk music umbrella term encompassing “low” culture.
- United black and white “low/fringe” culture.
- Black - blues; white - country music.
- Intentionally incorrect grammar.
- Instrumental qualities “blues”- based.
- Improvises and interjects songs played differently at different performances.
- Comparison to T.S. Eliot/ Ezra Pound.
- Nobel Prize largely due to successful blending of different cultures.
- Collage not plagiarism because “lifting” lyrics/ideas and reinterpretation is a key
aspect of folk culture.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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