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Lecture 1

GENE 500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Conformational Change, Covalent Bond, ProlinePremium

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GENE 500
Lawrence Grossman

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Lecture 1 - Protein Structure
These functions summarize the main functions of the
proteins Proteins develop many of these diverse
functions through exploiting a few simple activities: Most
fundamentally, proteins bindto one another, to other
macromolecules such as DNA, and to small molecules
and ions. In many cases, such binding induces a
conformational change (a change in the three-
dimensional structure) in the protein and thus influences
its activity. Linear chains of amino acid building blocks
are arranged in a three-dimensional structural hierarchy.
Protein Hierarchy
A key concept in understanding how proteins work is that function is often derived from three-
dimensional structure, and three-dimensional structure is determined by both a protein’s
amino acid sequence and intramolecular noncovalent interactions.
Primary Structure individual amino acids are linked together in linear, unbranched chains by
covalent amide bonds, called peptide bonds form via reactions that result in a loss of water
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