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Lecture 30

BIS 111 Lecture 30: Test 2 Study Guide

Business Informatics
Course Code
BIS 111
Hughes Jim

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BIS Test #
Problem Solving Methods
Fogler Method:
1. Define
2. Generate
3. Decide
4. Implement
5. Evaluate
Alternate Model:
1. Define the problem
2. Understand the causes
3. Make a decision
4. Implement and evaluate
Fishbone Diagrams
Fishbone diagrams are shaped as illustrated. Fill in the
problem in the circle to the right. Then, fill in various
causes along the top and bottom. What goes on the
lines are factors of that cause. For example, the person
could be the top (one of the causes) and training could
be one of the lines along its path. You can have
secondary lines to that as well, like length of the
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