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ACCT Chapter 11 Condensed (Day 1).docx

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ACCT 1201
Ronen Gal-or

Chapter 11 Condensed Day 1 I The Role of Contributed Capital II Earnings Per Share III Common Stock Transactions IV Dividend Transactions V Dividend Yield Ratio VI Price Earnings Ratio VII Stock Dividends and Stock Splits VIII Preferred StockI The Role of Contributed CapitalA Benefit of Stock OwnershipOwners of common stock receive a number of benefits 1 A voice in management2 Dividends3 Residual claimCompare and Contrast Stock and Bond Ownership II Earnings Per Share1 Authorized Issued and Outstanding Shares 1 Authorized number of sharesmaximum number of shares of a corporations capital stock that can be issued as specified in the charter 2 Issued sharesrepresent the total number of shares of stock that have been sold 3 Outstanding sharesrefer to the total number of shares of stock that are owned by stockholders on any particular dateOutstanding SharesIssues SharesTreasury Stock Treasury Stockstock that has been bought back2 Earnings Per Share EPS1 Measures how well a company is performing 2 Useful in comparing companies of different sizes 3 While an effective and widely used measure of profitability it can be misleading if there are significant differences in the market values of shares being compared1
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