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African Studies
AFRS 2465
Richard Wamai

AFRS2465Dynamics of Conflicts in Africa Unit 16 Economic and Social Costs of Conflict NotesViolent internal conflict or civil war is important both as a source and a consequence of underdevelopmentFrancis StewartConsequences of war in Africa StewartDuring 196090 19 countries had warsAlthough the incidence of war was less than in other world regionswhen expressed as a proportion of the countries in each regionthe number of deaths in Africa direct and indirect was the highest as a proportion of the populationWith a large number of countries affected by war and with many emerging from war having heavy social and economic costs conflicts is a major obstacle to developmentWar and PovertyWhy are wars more severe in poorer countries The threat of injury or premature death is regarded as of less importance when life has little to offer According to Galbraith it is perhaps the prime reason that armed conflict and death are so extensively the fate of the poorest on the planet Not remarkably they are the most easily persuaded that the nest life will be better because for many it could not be worse4 Effects of Conflicts on Society 1 Human toll for individuals 2 Effects on communities and social structures 3 Effects on national economics 4 Effects on political institutions
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