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ANTH1101Peoples and Cultures of the World Unit 1 Anthropology and the Study of Culture Notes4 Fields of AnthropologyBiological or Physical AnthropologyArchaeologyLinguisticsCultural or Social AnthropologyCulture isShared amongst many who act and think in the same mannerIt is extremely difficult to find a characteristic that is shared in many cultures but the overall concepts of a culture are embraced by manyPatterned in a way that it can be found in more places than just one repetitionIntegrated so that different properties of cultures are linked together to create a holistic approachIdealistic relies on a perfect state of culture where no change is occurringSymbolic in that people load objects with cultural beliefsAdaptive due to the necessity to adapt to inevitable change such as climate economic and political factorsCulture and SocietyCulture and society are intertwined culture is share among societyThey are not the same thingSociety focuses on structure can be attributed to class deference and hierarchyCulture is not always observable or known by those within the culture unconscious assimilation and is in the form of behaviorThe Anthropology of DifferenceProximis the study of the difference and distances between peopleDifference between neutral genetic markers and possibly detrimental traitsDifferences are neutral yet they are often assigned a meaning or valueCulture defines a norm but it is also known to be the preferred way of acting and deviation from the norm is viewed in a negative wayEthnocentrismCulture would not survive very long without ethnocentrismThe sometimes unconscious notion that ones own culture is right better or the only way of lifeEugenicsThe study of raceCan be devastating under the wrong circumstances and control ex Hitlers Aryan race as superior to othersTo give a positive or negative connotation to a biological traitFranz BoasGermanborn founder of anthropology in AmericaCultural relativism as a method for anthropology without ethnocentrism by not judging another culture but rather by accepting that their culture affects their behavior and ideasCan have limitations when dealing with violence within other cultures to intervene or not2
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