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Monday, Feb 10, 2014 (Military Modernization)

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Northeastern University
Asian Studies
ASNS 1150
Philip Thai

Military Modernization - 19th Century Japan Displaced china as economic hegemon Timeline China: 1368 - 1644 - Ming Dynasty 1644-1912 - Qing Dynasty Japan: late 1400s - late 1500s - Warring States Period 1600-1868 - Tokugawa Shogunate -- Age of the Samurai 1868 - 1912 - Meiji Period Tokugawa Japan (1600 - 1868) Towards Unification named after a political leader - Tokugawa Leyasu Segoku Jidai "Warring States Period" Japan engaged in many civil wars - battle of supremacy Oda Nobunaga Began his career as a lord and slowly built his empire Intelligent and innovative - taxing Left villages to govern themselves - as long as they paid tax Assassinated by someone on the inside Toyotomi Hideyoshi Of humble origins Didn't have a last name in the beginning Known to be ugly - nicknamed a "bald rat" Contributed to the peace of Tokugawa Disarmed everyone - no more fighting and wars No sort of weapons were to be kept -- peasants & samurai Political Settlement Shogun - have most of the power Powers of Japanese Emperors are very limited Daimyo - rule their individual domains but act in service Hard-pressed for money - only had the prestige to the Shogun (pay respects to the shogun) No real authority or economic base Ruled without much interference from the Shogun Tokugawa Political Order
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