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Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014 (Confucianism).docx
Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014 (Confucianism).docx

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Northeastern University
Asian Studies
ASNS 1150
Philip Thai

Wednesday, Jan. 8th - Confucianism Confucius: The Man Name: Confucius: Latinized name for "Kong fuzi" usually just Zongzi Life: 551-479 BCE (72 years) 'The Analects' Occupation: Teacher, philosopher, and petty bureaucrat Was born in Northeast Asia Confucius: His Times Born in a very politically unstable environment Ancient China Western Zhou, 1945-771 Eastern Zhou, 770-256 Spring and Autumn Period, 722-481 Confucius, 551-479 Warring States, 403-221 Qin Dynasty, 221-207 Former Han, 202 BCE-9 CE A lot of competition amongst kingdoms Demand for advice on ruling Confucius: His Philosophy 'The Analects' lun yu Compiled after Confucius' death 9479 BCE) Collection of sayings and conversations - very vague and short He didn't become famous during his lifetime "The Way" (dao) 4:5 - Everyone wants to be rich, famous, and be respected If you cannot obtain and use it, don't do it Better to be poor and to have the moral compass than to lose the Way Don't abandon your moral compass even when wealth and fame is available 4:16 - Material wealth does not equate with morality 5:19/5:21/7:37 - The gentleman: at peace with himself, does not worry what others think easy of mind…Not about
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