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Asian Studies
ASNS 1150
Philip Thai

Thursday, Jan. 9th - Daoism & Legalism How are these philosophies similar or different from Confucianism and one another? Daoism (Taoism) Strong influence throughout history An umbrella of various philosophies and ideas that came together 2 People associated with Daoism: Laozi 300 BCE "Old Master" not known who the actual person is 'Dao4 de2 jing1' Concentrated on: Escaping the world & "The Way" Zhuangzi 360 BCE - 280 BCE Zhuang Zhou Concentrated on: escape the world Central Tenets: "The Way" (Dao) Different than Confucius' "Way" The most important central concept Inexpressible in words Beyond petty considerations There are multiple ways to be considered the way - not definable Not the same for everyone "Inaction" (Wu2Wei2) If you don't put value on things, then others will not want them Be ignorant - do nothing
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