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Northeastern University
Asian Studies
ASNS 1150
Philip Thai

Thursday, Feb 6th - Qing Foreign Relations 1. Tributary System China-centered world-view Symbolic and commercial Frequent participants: Korea, Siam *Thailand) Burma *Myanmar) and Ryukyu Islands Notable non-participants: Japan and European countries ** Pay Respects to the Ruler ** KowTow 1. China and Europe Intimate relationship between the two countries presence of Jesuits a. Philosophy: Revolves around Education b. Prominent Jesuits: Johann Adam Schall von Bell & Matteo Ricci c. Art of Giuseppe Castiglione (Lang2 Shin4 Ning2) - Paintings i. Famous art in Chinese History ii. Did not include shadows --> Thought they were bad iii. Architect: he designed the new summer palace Canton System: Teas was usually only consumed by the upper class a. Later filtered down to the lower class The Cohong Monopoly mercantilism British were dissatisfied with trade in China and sends an ambassador (Macartney Mission) -- Wanted Free Trade Macartney Mission: Renegotiate terms of trade (International Relations Issue) QianLong Emperor rejects the proposal -- Believes that China > Europe Refuses to compromise, they don't need anything from other countries (Self Sustaining) "We’re doing this because this is what we've done with the accordance of
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