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Asian Studies
ASNS 1150
Philip Thai

Wednesday, Feb. 19th - The Floating World & Discontent 1. The "Floating World" Refers to the femoral pleasures of Urban Light Brothels: One of the famous Brothels: Yoshiwara a. Developed around 1617 in Edo b. District where prostitution was permitted to be practiced i. Way for the government to control where the activities could be taken place b. Thought to be immoral and decadent c. Samurais were the most frequent customers - most wealthy & nothing to do - no wars to fight d. Very expensive Bunraku: Puppet Theatre a. All male puppet masters b. Realistic detailed puppets Kabuki: Realistic Theatre a. Lot of dancing b. All performers are men c. Women on Stage = Immoral d. Place where a lot of prostitutes would solicit customers **Bunraku & Kabuki themes: Military Ethics, Historical Plays, Story of the 47 Samurai Story of the 47 Samurai • Asano drew his sword within the Shogun castle • Asano was told to them perform seppuku • Few years later 47 samurai of Asano old "crew" (Ronin) • Cut down Kira's head, bring it to the grave of their past master and surrender • As punishment all 47 were told to commit seppuku "Pictures of the Floating World" a. Most common pictures are of everyday scenes b. Nature was also a
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