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Monday, Feb. 24, 2014 - Tokugawa Japan and the World.docx

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Northeastern University
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ASNS 1150
Philip Thai

Monday, Feb. 24th - Tokugawa Japan and the World Sakoku "Closed Country" Tokugawa had extensive connections with the outside world However, they expelled Christian Missionaries Europe • Year 1543 - a Portuguese ship arrived at the shores of Japan • Muskets (Guns) Western Style Weapons = very attractive to the Japanese • Oda Nobunaga - integrated western weapons in his army - helpful in defeating his enemies • Francis Xavier - converted a lot of people to Christianity • 1540-1630 ("Christian Century") o Alternative source of power/control o Loyalty Difficulties o Jesuits would give advice & weapons o Hideyoshi - saw Christianity as a threat; was not helping the unification of Japan o 1587 - Expulsion of Missionaries • "Japan is the country of gods, but has been receiving false teachings from Christian countries." • Hidetada & Iemitsu really enforced the rule (more than Hideyoshi) • Practiced Fumi-e: Stepping on a picture of Jesus Christ o Many Japanese used Christianity to back up their rebellions o Shinagawa Rebellion: one of the large rebellions in Japan • Dutch assisted the Tokugawa with their navy fleets • The Dutch helped because they were Protestant and not Catholics • After this, the Spanish and the Portuguese are forced to leave Japan • The Dutch get favored trading rights but they were only allowed to trade
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