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Asian Studies
ASNS 1150
Philip Thai

Monday, March 10th - Imperial Korea Imperial Korea (ca. 14th c. - 18th c.) Choson (Joseon) Dynasty: Years: 1392 - 1910 Founded by Yi Song gye General who was serving the previous dynasty Korean Writing System: System Style Han'gul More simplified Hancha (Hanja) Basically Chinese Characters Used more than Hangul Had a tributary system Sent a lot of embassies to Japan Korean Military: Admiral Yi Sunsin Single handedly repelled the Japanese Korean remained particularly surrounded by agriculture Had a thriving trade in… Ginseng Chili Peppers Culture: Very spicy food Tobacco Social Order: Yangban: Ministers and Bureaucrats Identifiers: Black hats and White Robes Lived a life of leisure - Not enough jobs for everyone in the class Government service = mark of prestige, road to fame and glory for the family Benefits: Exempt from any taxes, did not have to join the army Hereditary - could pass on the status to the son (like the Japanese) Kwago: Civil Service Examination (Similar to the ones in China) A restricted number of people were allowed to take the test Had to be born from certain families Chung
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