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Lecture 4

BIOL 1122 Lecture 4: Staphylococci and Strep

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BIOL 1122
Evan Hunter

Staphylococci ● Belongs to Micrococcaceae family ● 3 additional genera: ○ Planococcus, Micrococcus, Stomatococcus ● Gram Positive asporogenous cocci ● Grape-like clusters ● Common residents of skin and mucous membranes - frequently isolated from clinical samples such as pus, sputum, urine and blood ● Prevention of infection difficult ● Differentiated from Micrococcus species based on resistance to Bacitracin and Micrococcus’s sensitivity to it ● Micrococcus not often associated with human infection ● Many staph are resistant to penicillin and ampicillin ● Staph grow well on all-purpose media ● Catalase positive which differentiates them from streptococci and enterococci ● Oxidase negative ● Aerobic and facultatively anaerobic ● non-motile ● Pathogenesis: ○ Responsible for nearly 80% of suppurative diseases of the skin: boils ○ May cause systemic infections (pneumonia and infections of nerve tissues and bone) ● Species important to humans: ○ S. auerus ○ S. epidermidis ○ S. saprophyticus ● Mannitol Salt Agar (MSA) ● Blood Agar ● DNAse Agar ○ DNAse +staphylococci: show opaque, clear region around culture ○ DNAse - staphylococci: are around growth remains green ● The tube coagulase test ○ Clot formation indicaates production of coagulase - ● Coagulase + DNAse + staph - indicative of S. aureus Streptococci General Characteristics ● Gram-positive cocci ● Short chains 2-8 cells ● Required enriched media under reduced oxygen tension (microaerophilic and facultatively anaerobic)
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