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BIOL 2301

Notes for Paper 1 1) What kind of organism is Caenorhabditis elegans? - Nematode - About 1 mm in length - Unsegmented - Bilaterally Symmetrical - Feed on e. coli and live approximately 2-3 weeks - First animal to have genome sequenced - First animal to have all genes fully characterized • Brenner 2) Why are they a good model system? - Economy - Ease of maintaining the population in the laboratory - Easy long-term storage because they remain viable after being frozen - It is multicellular and yet simple enough to be studied relatively easily • Brenner - Simple anatomy - Stereotyped behavior - Easily genetically manipulated - Anatomy is invariant from one organism to the next because of its size - Short life cycle that is temperature dependent • Hillier et al 3) How many genes are in the c. elegans genome? - 19,735 - Shotgun method - Random sampling method to find genes - More directed approach became useful as they got down to the nitty gritty - “As these random-sampling-based methods become less efficient at gene confirmation/discovery, directed methods that begin with the predicted gene models became more useful.” - “As part of an effort to obta
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