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Business Administration
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BUSN 1101
Sandy Blank

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BIG IDEA PRESENTATION SUGGESTED POWER POINT SLIDES There should be approximately six Power Point slides per presentation. 1) Intro Slide: Business Concept name, Team members’ names (first & last) Date 2) Statement of the Big Idea (simple product description): In as few words as possible, define your product idea (e.g., Wrenchead.com sells auto parts to consumers and professionals over the Internet.) 3) Product Description You can add more detail about your product: F.I.S.T. What differentiates your idea from the competition (e.g., odd-numbered mismatched socks, chauffer service that gets you and your car home safely, ice cream shaped like a hot dog that can be accessorized)? Paint a picture of how and why customers will be attracted to your product. 4) Value Proposition Highlight what benefits your product will bring to the customers, whether they are specific TJX stores or TJX end-use customers or both. How will it increase earnings or cut costs? The critical difference between the Product Description and the Value Proposition is data: “Show me the numbers.” Supply some quantitative data that supports the feasibility of your business. Find facts and figures that show the size of your potential market, their disposable income, the projected growth of a particular market niche, etc. Cite industry analysis, if appropriate. Use a graph or pie chart to highlight the data. For example, in the case of LittleMissMatched, the Value Proposition would focus on: i) the population of “tweens” in the U.S. (How many are there?) ii) the potential buying power of that age group (How much do they spend on c
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