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Northeastern University
Business Administration
BUSN 1101
William Sharp

NAME: ____LiuChen Ni (Martin)______________________________ SECTION MEETING TIME: _________________ HOMEWORK #5--Team Charter BUSN 1101 Sustaining Business in the New Economy Homework #3 involved the production of a Personal Worksheet and a Team Worksheet. These were to be the basis of a negotiation among your team members to form a Team Charter. In a Team Charter, team members (i) declare their goals (to develop a passable business plan or to develop an excellent business plan); (ii) decide how team decisions will be made (majority vote, unanimous vote, strongman decides, everyone does their own thing); (iii) establish the frequency and location of team meetings; (iv) whether lateness, absence, and unpreparedness will be tolerated or excused; (v) how labor will be divided among team members; etc. Teams which put effort into a Charter tend to do well. Homework #6 is the negotiating, agreeing upon, and drafting of a Team Charter. Everyone’s Charter should be the same. Each person must upload his copy of the document to Blackboard. Later, if there are teamwork problems, the instruct
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