Introduction to Chemistry Part I

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Chemistry & Chemical Biology
CHEM 1211

Introduction to Chemistry Part I Chemistry: the science that studies matter, energy, changes that accompany chemical and physical change Matter: refers to the “stuff” of which the universe is comprised, any entity with both mass and volume Mass: measures quantity or amount of matter Mass is measured by an instrument called an analytical balance Weight is proportion to mass, but is affected by GRAVITY Weight: the earth’s gravitational force on an object  F = mass * acceleration W = mg Force has units of kg m/s^2 (Newtons) Volume: measures the space an object occupies Sphere  V = 4/3 (pi)r^3 Volume of liquids can be determined by displacement Density: the amount of mass per unit volume d = m/v  usually units of g/mL or g/cm^3 (gas is g/L) Density varies with temperature  less temperature = more dense; inversely proportional to each other (e.g. water is most dense at 4 degrees Celsius) Both liquids and solids will expand on heating Categories of Matter Matter is comprised of pure substances and mixtures Pure substance: a material with a fixed composition (divided into two subcategories) Element: a pure substance comprised of only one type of atom Atom: a single, representative particle of an element, both comprises and is unique to a particular element Compounds: a pure substance comprised of two or more different elements, which ar
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