Introduction to Chemistry Part III

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Chemistry & Chemical Biology
CHEM 1211

Introduction to Chemistry Part III How to determine mass percent? % mass of element = (mass of element [x] /mass of compound) *100 you must determine the formula mass of the compound mass number is determined by reading right off the periodic table multiple masses by their subscript and add them together John Dalton Law of Multiple Proportion: if two elements (A &B) can form two compounds, the different masses with which they combine may be expressed as a ratio of small whole numbers Dalton’s Atomic Theory matter is comprised of tiny particles called atoms atoms are indivisible (no longer true..) atoms of one element cannot be converted into another element (not true… radioactive compounds are exceptions) atoms of an element are identical in mass and properties (not true… isotopes) compounds result from the combination of atoms from different elements (true) Cathode Ray Tube Sir William Crookes invented a vacuum tube to study atomic structure A ray emanated from the negative electrode (cathode) J.J. Thomson: first deflected a beam of cathode rays by applying an electric field of known strength (CRT Experiment) Varied a magnetic field perpendicular to the electric field Determined charge to mass ratio (3/m) of an electron Discovered the existence of electrons Conceives a new model of the atom: Plum-Pudding Model Atoms consist of a solid bulk of positive charge with electrons dispersed throughout Couloumb’s Law: oppositely cha
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