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Northeastern University
Chemistry & Chemical Biology
CHEM 2313

Melissa Johnson Luke Harris 10/16/2007 Submitted 10/23/2007 Alkanes and Alkenes Objective The objective of this experiment is to distinguish between saturated and unsaturated organic compounds with oxidizing reagents. Reactions Procedure The first test was carried out by treating .5mL samples of ligroin and cyclohexane with 2- 3 drops of 3% solution of bromine in dichloromethane. The ligroin turned a brown color and the cyclohexane stayed clear. In the second test, 3% bromine in water was placed in three test tubes. Ligroine was added to the first two test tubes and one of these placed in a drawer and the other placed under the lamp. Cyclohexane was added to the third tube. The tube in the drawer stayed the same and the tube under the light was colorless. The cyclohexane took on a purple tint with a strong odor. In the third test, potassium permanganate was added to ligroin and cyclohexane. The cyclohexane stayed clear and the ligroin stayed a dark purple. In the fourth test, sulfu
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