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Melissa Johnson Molecular Genetics Tues 2:50 10-16-07 For the pipet exercises our results were as expected. Variables that might contribute to pipet error are contamination if you touch the pipet tip to yourself or any other object. Also, if you depress the button to the second stop while you are drawing liquid into the pipet, you will probably damage the pipet as well as get an inaccurate amount. If drops of liquid are left on the end of your pipet, it could contribute to an inaccurate amount of liquid transferred. Also, if you do not depress the button far enough while drawing liquid into and releasing liquid from the pipet it could contribute to pipet error. For the aseptic technique with the liquid media, our results were as expected. The sample was not contaminated. However, with the streak plates, our results were not as expected. Plate B was not supposed to have growth and there was growth in one quadrant. No plates appear to be contaminated, it only looks as though the LB-Amp plate with e. coli was so overwhelmed with bacteria that the ampicillan was not able to kill all of it and some bacteria was
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