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Chemistry & Chemical Biology
CHEM 2313

Melissa Johnson Luke Harris 11/12/2007 Submitted 11/27/2007 Sn2 Reaction Objective The objective of this experiment is to understand the Sn2 reaction by synthesizing 1- bromobutane from n-butanol. Procedure The first step of this experiment was to mix 2.0mL of n-butanol and 4.0mL of 48% hydrobromic acid in a 10mL round bottom flask. It was then placed in a beaker of ice. Black boiling stones and 2.0mL of concentrated sulfuric acid was then added. The mixture was then refluxed for 45 mins. After cooling, the top layer of n-bromobutane was removed. To the bottom layer, 2mL of 3M sodium hydroxide was added. The bottom layer was removed and dried. In two test tubes, .2mL of butanol and .2mL of the product were added. To each tube, . 5mL of sodium iodide was added and the results were recorded. Reactions
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