COMM 1101 Lecture 1: Chapter One-2

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Thomas K.Nakayama

Chapter One The Importance of Studying Communication Communication is Transformative Constantly communicating COMMUNICATION IS TRANSFORMATIVE:  MORE EFFECTIVE AT WORK-talk to boss  MORE SUCCESSFUL AT RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT & MAINTENANCE  IMPROVED COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION  ALTER SELF-CONCEPT – changes the way you think about yourself, how people respond to you. Bring up or tear down  HUMAN COMMUNICATION DEFINED A process in which people generate meaning through the exchange of verbal and nonverbal messages. –nonverbal can be facial expressions  Messages  Verbal and nonverbal elements Types of signs:  1) iconic  2) indexical  3) symbolic Iconic Signs  These are signs that resemble what they refer to.  This is an iconic sign for “cat.”-picture, rene Magritte-pipe Indexical signs  Signs that point to what they are referring.  Smoke is an indexical sign for fire.  Point and someone points to look at where you are pointing Symbols or symbolic signs  These are signs that refer to something because of arbitrary conventions.  “Hund,” “pies,” “inu,” “perro,” “chien,” etc. are all symbols for this animal. -dog  Symbols are arbitrary-based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system, word means what it is  American flag is symbolic  Have to all agree for a meaning-what a word means TRANSACTIONAL PROCESS  When people communicate they act together-they giving you nonverbal messages, replying back-confusion or acceptance  Communication is ongoing –not one episode and then next communication new episode, pick up where you left off (don’t start over)  Influences next interaction with them  Who people are to each other -- and their relationships -- arises out of their interactions  Closer with some people rather than with others  Common interests help shape relationships  How frequently communicate determines relationship too  Relationships can become distant due to lack of communication or conflict MEANING CREATION  INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCE  Like a brother to me but not actually brother  Cultural sense of what it means to be a brother  CONTENT MEANING  What it means to be something ex a mother-supportive, nurturing  Not everyone fits  Based on individual experiences  RELATIONSHIP MEANING  What give/say can define meaning of relationship between individuals COMPONENTS OF COMMUNICATION  SETTING  Makes a difference in how communicate, people expect different things in different places, ex work, funeral, school  PARTICIPANTS  Participating in interactions, depends who communicating with, stranger?  friend vs mom  MESSAGE CREATION (encoding & decoding)  Encoding-make message and give, decoding get message and interpret it  Misunderstanding can occur-misinterpretation  Individual experiences shape meanings-can differ between people  Have to think about how want to send message  CHANNELS
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