COMM 1101 Lecture 11: Ch 9

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Northeastern University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Thomas K.Nakayama

Chapter 9 The Importance of Close Relationships Central to psychological and physiological health People are happier and healthier when they have good relationships What Are Close Relationships? Relationships in which people see each other as unique irreplaceable Communication marked by high disclosure and openness Influences on Relationship Development 1. Proximity 2. Attractiveness (matching hypothesis) 3. Similarity Attraction MODELS OF RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT Uncertainty Reduction Theory Social Penetration Theory STAGE MODELS RELATIONAL TRAJECTORY MODELS (intepretivists) STAGE MODELS Assumes events occur in stages KNAPPS STAIRCASE MODEL vangelisti model toohelped develop 5 Stages leading to commitment Initiating (first meet someone), experimenting, intensifying, integrating, bonding (could be marriage) 5 Stages leading to dissolution Differentiating, circumscribing (drawing boundaries), stagnating (not developing anymore), avoiding, terminating Dont have to go through all of the stages, not always true, different for each relationship Can say stopped at a certain stage Rawlins Stage Model for Friendship RELATIONAL TRAJECTORY MODELS Assume that dyads follow varied paths to relational developmentinterpetists paradigm
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