COMM 1101 Lecture 12: Chapter 10 Sm Group

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Thomas K.Nakayama

Chapter 10 Small Group Communication The Importance of Small Group Communication Reasons to Study Small Group Communication A fact of life Grouphate is common Primary groups Secondary groups Inevitability of Groups College Performance Career Success Personal Life Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Group Work Advantages Higher Quality Decisions Stimulates Creativity Social Facilitation Promotes critical thinking Disadvantages: Time consuming Might result in premature decisions Silences divergent opinions Not satisfying when group members dominate or withdraw What is Small Group Communication? Small Number of People (some debate over definition)where everyone knows everyone else in the group Common Purpose Connected to each other Can influence each other Small Group Communication and the Individual: Roles We define small group comm as comm among a small number of people who share a common purpose or goal who feel connected to each other, and who coordinate their behavior which is not small groupamerican airlines Types of Communication Roles Group roles Shared expectations Task roles Seeking, processing, and evaluating information Relational roles Establish groups social atmosphere
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