COMM 1101 Lecture 12: Chapter 12 notes in class

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Thomas K.Nakayama

Chapter 12 Communicating in Public: Rhetoric The Importance of Rhetoric Key element of a democratic society Necessary to seeking justice Helps us clarify our own beliefs and actions Truth and Rhetoric Sophistswhatever you persuade people is the truth, whether actually true doesnt matter. What you persuade the public to believe Ex:climate change, flat world Gorgias vs. Platogreeks, dispute Plato believe there is a truthwhether know what it is or have access to it, it still exists. Truth regardless of what people say Gorgias Aristotle (eikos)probability, look at evidence and build case from evidence Roman oratordifferent view, but state above Ciceros viewroman, ideal rhetor is the good man speaking wellas you get up to advocate for something you have to keep in mind what best for roman society, not what best for you, passingnot passing laws Augustines viewend of roman empire when flipped to Christianity, influential Christian Christiangod is truth, rhetoric is the word of god, reinforce people who have confirmed to keep on path, dont stray from those beliefs Middle Agesmonarchies, church, catholic church, the church, people try to advance own interest with rhetoric by kissing up, flattering to upper people, they dont get to vote but end up having revolution that lets them vote The Academic Study of Rhetoric Helps us understand various views on social issues Issues change over time Help understand past era and how people think about things and why people disagree today as well Southslaves they give work, north something different Helps us better understand our own and other cultures Helps people critically understand messages meant to persuade them Helps us become better communicators What is Rhetoric? Everyday meaningnegativeassociate with bluster, not telling the truth Long history of rhetoricinfluence other people to look at the world the way that they do Focus on public communicationtrying to persuade public, lot of different publics, not all in one public because dont make the same decisions
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