COMM 1101 Lecture 14: Jon Ronson TED Talk

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Northeastern University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Thomas K.Nakayama

Jon Ronson TED Talk: public shaming How did it happen? Justines tweet o Mediated communication Lack of nonverbal signals Lack of context o Misuse of privilege Attack these people o Tone important for humorwhether to tell if it is or not Features of the internet o Old versus new shaming model Anonymity Give those who are voiceless a voice Can hide behind it Act differently than if in person Mobilization Harder back then due to lack of technology Polarization Internet can surround yourself with people like you with same interests whether good or bad Impact o Chilling effect on speech People become voiceless Fear of becoming a target Too much power to the people (job security) Less democratic society Black Mirror Nosedive Selfidentity o The way you see yourself Different than social self (the way others see you) Ex: on social media youre validating yourself Selfconcept o The understanding of ones unique characteristics as well as similarities and differences from others Self esteem Arises out of how one perceives and interprets reflected appraisals and social comparisons Selfrespect Treating others with respect and dignity, the way you expect to be treated Likes validate o Who likes and how many, comments too
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