COMM 1101 Lecture 19: Intercultural communication is an integral part of our daily communication

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Northeastern University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Thomas K.Nakayama

Ethics separate facts from inferences Iconic Signs o These are signs that resemble what they refer to. Symbols or symbolic signs o These are signs that refer to something because of arbitrary conventions. Observe how nonverbal behavior interacts with verbal messages Messages can be congruent or contradictory o Congruent Verbal and nonverbal messages that express the same meaning o Contradictory Verbal and nonverbal messages that send conflicting messages Behavior is interpreted differently in different contexts Suggestions to keep in mind o Recognize others nonverbal messages dont always mean the same as yours o Be aware of individual, contextual, and cultural factors that influence meaning o Ask for additional info if you dont understand a nonverbal message or if you perceive a contradiction between the nonverbal and verbal messages o Remember that not every nonverbal behavior is intended to be communicative Dont place too much emphasis on fleeting nonverbal behaviors such as facial expression or vocal tone; rather, examine the entire set of nonverbal behaviors mproving your Intercultural Communication Skills How can you communicate more effectively across cultures? Increase Motivation Without the motivation to be an effective communicator, no other skills will be relevant Increase Your Knowledge of Self and Others Educate yourself about intercultural communication Having knowledge about the history, background, and values of people from other cultures can help you communicate better When demonstrate knowledgeshow interest in them and affirm their sense of identity Selfknowledge o Aware of dif between being socialized to be individualistic and diret as opposed to collectivistic and indirect Cultivate intercultural encounters and relationships, context matters Developing facility in intercultural comm occurs through a cyclical processthe more one interacts across cultures the more one learns about oneself and more prepared to talk Being aware of the influence of culture on oneself and others Avoid Stereotypes Cultural dif can lead to prejudices and stereotypes Generalization are good until become rigid
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