ECON 1915 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Foot Binding, Chinese Art, Barefoot Doctor

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Chinese foot binding- the ideal 3 inch model
Kinship and family are super important in Chinese culture
Males over females, older over younger
Have a male son to pay respects to ancestorsalso carry on family name
Chinese woman lives to serve
Women with bound feet are perfect for handiworkbound feet kept women sitting down
and bored, and ready to work and make cloth
Other Theories About Foot Binding
3 main mistaken assumptions about FB in rural areas:
1.) Marriage was the real reason behind it?
a. No significant statistical real social mobility to marriage
b. In Chinese art, attention to genitalia rather than feet
2.) Women did not work?
a. Labor is the real main reason behind FB/women’s invisible work
b. Women were supposed to create cloth
c. Keep girls at work
d. Mothers in law wanted trained, patient, daughters in law that would make
cloth for hours
e. Machines replaced women’s cloth making in the late 19th century and FB
dropped rapidly
f. Most of the FB girls worked for an income
g. Labor explains FB in rural China
3.) Anti FB campaigns ended the custom?
a. Last places to stop binding were last places affected by industrial rev
i. In these places, custom dropped because it was banned by communism
b. Anti FB campaigns had little impact in rural areas
o Reasons for FB are different but they also did handiwork
Chinese women can divorce in 1950 bc communist party
o Must be independent
During cultural rev, some advancements in health care
o Women workforce given free health care
o Maternal and child care law
o Barefoot doctors
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