EECE3326_Jan8_2014 - Copying and Passing Objects

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Northeastern University
Electrical and Comp Engineering
EECE 2560
Waleed Meleis

Introduction to C++ 1/8 Inline Code When functions are only one line or two, sometimes you don’t need to write a dedicated funciton for it. You can put the code directly into the class declaration. int time24::getHour() const { return hour; } t1.getHour() ___________ class time24 { public: int getHour const { return Hour } …… private: …… } t1.getHour() Copying and Passing Objects class Count { public: Const (int); void pnt() { count << r << endl;} void set (int); private: } int x; Countt::Count(int val) { set (val); } void Count::set(int val) { x = val; } int main() { Count counter1(5) Count counter2(20) counter1.print(); Clear(counter1); counter1.print(); % should clear to 0 } void Clear(Const aCounter) %wrong way to implement. Will not permamently change value of counter1 when we call it in main (above) { aCounter.set(0); } //When you pass an object by value, the object is copied. Changes aren’t visible outside the function —> Default memberwise copying happens. //We want to pass a value by reference. void Clear (Const &aCounter) //&aCounter is an alias for the object passed in //When we pass by reference, changes to objects are visible outside the function… no copy is made { aCounter.set(0); } ______ Const Objects can’t be changed Const member functions - don’t change any data members within other objects ______ class Increment { public: Increment (int c = 0, int i) //initial count = 0, incremement value = i void addInc
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