EECE3326_Jan9_2014 - Template, Template Classes, Standard Template Library (STL), Vector Class

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Northeastern University
Electrical and Comp Engineering
EECE 2560
Waleed Meleis

Introduction to C++ 1/9 Templates //Used when you might want to have different data types as inputs, e.g. strings, floats, ints. Templates are similar to overloading void writeArray(const int arr{}, int n) { for(int i =0; i < n; i++) cout < // template only applies to the next function. void writeArray(const T arr[], int n) { for (int i = 0; i T add (T x, T y) { return x+y; } cout << add(10,1.5); // compiler will give an error; tells us math only wants to use same data types for math cout << add (10,1.5); //explicit instantiation —> explicitly telling the compiler which version of the function we want to use Template Classes //template call tells us that the entire following class uses data type T…the template class has template functions template class Circle { public: Circle (const T &item); T f(); void g (const T &item); private: T dataValue; }; template class store { public: store (const T &item = T() ) //&item is a reference to a const value of type T… when we set “&item = T()”, we’re setting a default value for the T class T getValue() const; void setValue (const T &item); private: T value; }; store intStore(5); // creating a class object called intStore, which is a “store of int” —> passing int in for T // explicit instantiation store charStore(“x”); store
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