EECE3326_Jan13_2014 - Joining Vectors, Object Composition, Exceptions

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Electrical and Comp Engineering
EECE 2560
Waleed Meleis

Introduction to C++ 1/13 Joining Vectors vA: C A B K vB: M D E join( vA, vB) C A B K M E template void join ( vector &vA, const vector &vB ) { int sizeB = vB.size(); for (int i=0; i < sizeB; i++) vA.push_back ( vB[i]); // vB looks like it’s an array, but the brackets [] have been defined to behave for vectors } Object Composition //fancy name for objects that contain other objects //Example: We’d like to keep track of employee’s timecards. We’ll implement a timeCard class …. private: string workerID; time24 puncInTime; // here we are composing objects, i.e. time24 object is within the timeCard class time24 punchOutTime; double payrate; bool hasPurchased // has the employee punched out? // We want to initialize a new card like this: timeCard employee (id, payrate, inHour, inMinute) // we need to write a constructor that does this timeCard::timeCard (const string &ssno, double rate, int punchInHour, int punchInMinute) : punchInTime ( punchInHour, punchInMinute) // this is the ONLY way to call the constructor of a composed object workerID (ssno), payrate (rate), hasPunched(false) {} // before the opening bracket of a constructor, all composed objects are automatically initialized. —> it therefore generates additional work if we initialize composed objects in the body of the constructor void timeCard::punchOut ( const time24 &t) { punchOutTime = t; hasPunched = true; } void timeCard::writeSalaryInfo() { if (hasPunched == false) … //error handling time24 timeWorked = punchInTime.duration ( punchOutTime ) ; double hoursWorked = timeWorked.getHour() + time
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