EECE3326_Jan15-16_2014 - Object Oriented Software Principles

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Electrical and Comp Engineering
EECE 2560
Waleed Meleis

Software Design Principles Classes 1/15, 1/16 Software engineering deals with ways to make developing computer programs easier. Why does it need to be easier? Because it is hard. We’ll focus on the entire process, going from a problem statement to a correctly written program that solves a problem. Software-Development Life Cycle The real goal is to create a program that meets the specification while minimizing cost over all phases of the software life cycle. We prere that code beeasier to create, debug and maintain. We are usually less concerned with low fast code runs. -Modular proramming -Documentation -Try to use algorithms that are easier to understand Request - The client perceives a need for a software system to solve a problem. Can include a vague description. Analysis - Convert a vague request into a detailed description of the program’s requirements -I.e. inputs, outputs, assumptions, limitations -This is the functional specification (spec) -Helps communication between group members and between clients/engineers Program Design - Process of transforming the specifications into a set of modules that will implement the solution. - A module is a somewhat self-contained set of code that is used to solve a problem. In C++, classes are modules - We w
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